Not just for the French!

It’s true – Crêpes are originally from France, and more specifically, from the western region of Brittany.
Both Galettes and Crêpes are cooked in the traditional BRETON way, on Cast Iron Griddles which produce large, thin, pliable pancakes. They are then folded in half and filled appropriately.

LES GALETTES – Savoury Pancakes

The Galette batter contains ONLY Buckwheat flour, sea salt and water. It is then mixed like bread dough. Buckwheat gives a highly nutritious, gluten free flour which makes a tasty, wheaty pancake, ideal for savoury fillings.

LES CREPES – Sweet Pancakes

They are made with wheat flour, milk, eggs, sugar and fat. The batter is very similar to that of the traditional English pancake.

The concept of eating in a Crêperie is to build up your meal according to your appetite. For an evening meal, one would follow the pattern of a traditional meal, with a “Starter” galette (lighter in taste) eg: Smoked Salmon, Seafood, Spinach, Cheese and Onion, followed by possibly a Complète, Gammon or Stilton.
The galettes should be eaten with a salad. You then end your meal with a sweet crepe. Should you wish to eat only one galette, you could then substitute your first galette with a soup.

FRENCH CIDRE – The traditional drink

In true traditional Brittany style Crêpes & Galettes can be served with French Cider in a cup called a Bolée. This originates from a small village called Breton in Western France. The Cider is a dryer, shaper version of British cider.